Home Remedy For Upset Stomach

Top 6 home remedies for upset stomach

Improper diet is one of the main reasons why most people suffer from an upset stomach. White flour, white rice, sugar, junk food, dairy products and red meat overwork your digestive system. After years of eating these foods, the digestive system wears out and starts giving trouble. However, you can find a home remedy for upset stomach that provides your body with all the essential nutrients required for strengthening the digestive system and enabling it to start producing the digestive juices. Here are some easy and effective home remedies that you can resort to whenever you experience an upset stomach.


1. Mint Leaves Home Remedy For Upset Stomach

Take a small amount of fresh mint leaves and crush them before adding into one cup of boiling water. Let it stay for 15 minutes before draining the water. This mint-water is a great home remedy for upset stomach and fights indigestion. Make it a little soothing to your taste buds by adding some honey.It’d be best to maintain a kitchen garden and grow fresh mint in it. Add the leaves to desserts, or dry it and use whenever you like. Add mint leaves to tea, hot or cold, and it can refresh your stomach like anything.Inhaling a mixture of just a few drops of chamomile oil and peppermint oil is also an effective home remedy for upset stomach. In addition, you could also rub this blend on your stomach.


2. Cinnamon home remedy for upset stomach

People have traditionally eaten cinnamon as a form of home remedy for upset stomach. There is a notion about cinnamon that it helps settle down the food and helps in digestion. Whenever you have trouble with digestion, eating it can provide immediate relief.The ideal way to take cinnamon is to sprinkle just a half teaspoon of it into a dessert or something else. The food can be rice, light buttered toast or pudding. An alternative is to create cinnamon tea by just adding it to boiling water. You can again add taste by sweetening with sugar or honey. When you have an upset stomach, drink this tea 3 to 4 times a day.


3. Juicing

There is nothing more refreshing than a few cups of fresh juice made of fruits and vegetables. And it is also a great home remedy for upset stomach. It works by strengthening your digestion. One list of ingredients includes cabbage, beet and a couple of kiwi fruits. Another option could be a few carrots, wedge cabbage and apple. You can use the combination in this order or intermix them according to your liking.

Home remedy for upset stomach


4. Seeds

There are a number of seeds that can work as great home remedies for indigestion. One good example is caraway seeds. Take a teaspoon of these seeds and seep them in one cup boiling water. Keep it in the water for 10-15 minutes before draining the water. Sip it on an empty stomach, repeating at least 3 times a day. It is part of the tradition in some parts of the world to chew on these seeds after food. This is an effective home remedy for upset stomach. As earlier, you can use honey as a form of sweetener.Another option in this category is in the form of fennel seeds. You can prepare fennel seed tea in the same way as you did with caraway seeds. Sip it minimum 3 times a day and use honey for taste. It is going to play wonders with your digestive system.


5. Ginger

Most people know that ginger has something to do with digestion, but they fail to count on the widespread benefits of this gift from nature. In addition to helping improve indigestion, ginger also helps fight gas and nausea. Take half teaspoon of ground ginger and add it to your tea.You can also use sprinkle it onto ice cream, especially vanilla, or crushed pineapple under normal circumstances. This can help keep your digestive system working properly. It is not a surprise that it is because of its many benefits, dried ginger forms part of the spices from the east.


6. Carbonated Soda

A great home remedy for upset stomach can be found right inside your refrigerator in the form of carbonated soda. Choose something non-caffeinated. It works by moving your intestinal tract and settling down the stomach.If you are suffering from nausea, use cola as a remedy. There are some pharmacies that could offer cola syrup. Your nausea would disappear within no time. Again, choosing non-caffeine cola is a better option.These are some of the most effective and natural home remedy for upset stomach. Consider all these 6 remedies and use the one that suits best to your available resources and convenience. Honey may be used to make the remedy more delectable, but honey itself helps improve the working of the digestive system.



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